YCLT Reflections

The ELCA Youth Core Leadership Team (YCLT) reflect on their time together in September planning for this years Youth Leadership Summit

Mary Winsor 2017-2018

I had so much fun planning the Youth Summit this weekend! It was awesome getting to have lots of leadership training and spending time with amazing friends! When you come to the summit we’ll have great speakers on advocacy and you’ll get to meet youth from all across the country! If you feel called you should apply to be apart of the Youth Core Leadership Team (YCLT) for next year’s summit! I can’t wait to see you all in November!!!

Zackary Grover 2018-2019

The Youth Core Leadership Team isn’t just a team, it’s a family. We share common goals and passions. We are all combined to create a driven force of God’s love. This year at the Youth Leadership Summit, you will experience first hand what his board is really capable of.

Gabriella Mark 2018-2019

There are so many “holy moments” or “aha moments” this weekend, but when everyone was up late planning I really felt God’s presence because it was our passion that He gave us the drive to keep going, event at 11:15 at night. (even when the adults were telling us to go to bed) If you come to the 2018 Summit, you will grow in your faith and leadership skills and learn a lot about advocacy while being surrounded by other youth from all over the US and ELCA. The Youth Core Leadership Team is the most amazing opportunity of all time! On the YCLT we meet to plan the Youth Leadership Summit, grow in faith, learn communication skills, and become stronger leaders. This team offers a safe environment for us to grow as a team and have a strong sense of community. The YCLT is the opportunity of a lifetime, so apply now!

Maggie Nieberger 2017-2018

When you come to the Youth Leadership Summit, get excited to deepen your understanding of Advocacy and how it is carried out through programs across the ELCA. Also come with an open mind to meet new people from all over the US and to learn about their lives. The Youth Core Leadership Team is an amazing opportunity to become real friends with other like-minded faithful people from across the ELCA. I have changed so much as a person on this team and have learned things that I will use for the rest of my life like leadership skills and how to live out my faith in the world. It has been one of the most meaningful and impactful groups that I have ever had the chance to be apart of!

Luke Bjorklund 2018-2019

When you join the Youth Core Leadership Team you become very connected with others from around the country who are also looking to expand and build their leadership skills and grow in their faith with God. Being on the team opens up a world of possibilities that youth can do throughout the church. Being on this team includes learning how to plan big events like the Summit that the YCLT hosts. The Summit is an event for other youth leaders to come and build their relationship with God and broaden their horizons on how to be great leaders.

Nicole Krenz 2017-2018

Coming to the Summit is a great opportunity to get closer with God. It’s a phenomenal experience to meet people from all the synods and learn about them. But learning about and then being part of the Youth Core Leadership Team has been the best part. We get trained to be even better leaders than we already are. We also get close to God and the team too. The YCLT is just the best thing I’ve ever done in the church, and I have never regretted this decision.

Kyra Short 2017-2018

Being on the Youth Core Leadership Team gives you an amazing opportunities to build strong relationships with other young leaders in the ELCA while going through training that expands your leadership abilities. This weekend (YCLT Fall Retreat) allowed me to grow in my faith, strengthen friendships and build up my leadership skills.

Sophia Behrens 2018-2019

Youth should come to the Youth Leadership Summit because it’s an experience that creates lifelong friends while learning and being a part of a Churchwide event. At YLS, there’s people from across the country that you wouldn’t become friends with in any other situation, but through the core core value of Faith and being Gathered under God, you build relationships unlike any other. You learn a lot too! There are speakers through the weekend that share their passions and open up new possibilities for high shcoolers and youth getting ready to transition into college/young adulthood. This year, we learn about advocacy and will have simulations, games, and candle stations that you can also bring home to their congregations and synods. The Youth Leadership Summit brings about networking skills and learning opportunities that’s unlike any other and I can’t wait to see you all there!

Marshall Laidlaw 2018-2019

Being a part of the Youth Core Leadership Team, wow! It’s a group that is truly passionate about leadership and the church, and has been amazing to be part of! I’ve learned so much from the people on the team, and I have been rejuvenated with many new ideas I can take back to my home congregation. The Holy Spirit has moved through me greatly during my time on the team so far, and anyone who else wants an experience like this should apply to be part of the team.

Christian Marhenke 2017-2018

You should apply for the Youth Core Leadership Team! Your perspectives on the church and life will be changed. You will grow in your faith, learn new things already familiar but more in depth and you’ll discover yourself along the way.

Makenna Dawson 2018-2019

The Youth Core Leadership Team is such a great way to follow God’s call to leadership. You are able to grow through leadership training sessions that you can take back to your congregation and school or use to lead youth from across the United States like we will do at the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit. It is truly a life changing experience and will change you and your faith forever.

Sam Maston 2018-2019

The ELCA Youth Core Leadership Team is an opportunity to grow as a leader, nurture your faith, meet fantastic new people, visit the churchwide office, create memories you’ll keep forever and much more. Your fellow team members will become some of your closest friends, and the things you learn you can carry with you always; the experiences and time spent will be some of the best you’ll ever have.