Youth Core Leadership Team Position


The Youth Core Leadership Team is composed of twelve high school youth from across the ELCA who have been identified as leaders in congregations and/or synods, and who desire the opportunity to dig more deeply into their own leadership and faith formation. Each year, six youth are added to this team as six participants are sent out from the team to discover new opportunities for leadership as young adults.


The YCLT exists to provide leadership development opportunities to high school youth, to plan and lead the ELCA Youth Leadership Summit, and to serve as a focus group for ELCA Churchwide Ministries as they strive to do ministry with youth more effectively.

Who Should Apply

Youth who apply are expected to be engaged in their faith life and actively involved in a local congregation.

We seek applications from youth currently in 9 th , 10 th and 11 th grades. We value and aspire to diversity across ethnicity, gender and geographic locale.

What to Expect

Youth can expect to be challenged to develop leadership skills and explore faith formation through a series of events and online activities each year.

Youth selected to serve on the team are expected to take the learnings from in-person events and online training back to their home congregations and synods to engage others with what they have learned and to encourage participation in leadership for this church in its three expressions.

Participation in a Spring meeting (March 1-4, 2018), a Labor Day weekend meeting (August 31-September 3, 2018) and the Annual ELCA Youth Leadership Summit (November 1-4, 2018) are mandatory. All expenses for these meetings are covered by the ELCA. Youth will likely fly alone to these meetings. Attendance at monthly, two hour online meetings is also expected.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the online application below. The deadline for applications is January 10, 2018. Those selected for the YCLT will be notified by early February. Please email with questions about the application process.